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When I post on my own WordPress blog, does it show in Reader or any aspects of WordPress.com?

QuestionOne of the things I like about WordPress.com is that fact that it’s shared across this network. When I post on my self-hosted blog, do I still get those benefits? I’m curios.

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Researching The Best WordPress Plugins

I’m going to give a quick talk about WordPress plugins but have to find some sweet ones first. Yes, I have a lot of favorites, but what are you favorites? I’d love to find out what I’m not using but should.

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Changed my WordPress.com Password

WordPress LockI hear that JetPack may be getting the option for me to log into my self hosted WordPress sites with my WordPress.com account so I had to update my .com password. It was horribly week and now its super strong. Or at least I hope it is.

It’s also pretty easy to remember. For some reason I love creating strong, complicated, easy to remember passwords.

Security & WordPress FTW!

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Time to move on from WordPress.com

I think it’s time. I keep coming back to my WordPress.com account to try to make this account be something awesome, but it never works. The stats are¬†disappointing, the interaction is lacking and I just don’t feel like there is value.

Instead, I’m moving everything over to my self hosted WordPress site at TwisterMc.com.

I love WordPress, and I always will, but I’m not currently seeing value in the .com version.


Secure Your WordPress Site with 3 Simple Changes

Secure Your WordPress Site with 3 Simple Changes

Keeping WordPress secure should be top priority on any install.

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Is WordPress becoming Tumblr?

This is my first visit back to WordPress.com in a long time and it’s much more Tumblr like. I really like it and wonder when it’s going to come to the self hosted version.Image

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Whoot Whoot. Now Publishing from Ecto.

Do you remember Ecto? It was the most amazing desktop blogging tool on the Mac. Then it kinda disappeared. Still seems to still work though. Well mostly.

Would love to see updates to add in Tumblr and Posterous.

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Here I Go Again

One again, finding myself starting up a new blog on a new site. It’s more to ensure that someone doesn’t steal my handle, but I’m also eager to try the hosted version of WordPress. I spend so much time with the self-hosted version that I haven’t tried the WordPress hosted one much.

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