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Gorilla Singing Christmas Music

I’m currently listening to Gorilla singing Christmas songs.

Gorilla Christmas Album

It’s not your average Christmas music; its better. I find it quite humorous.

Here’s the promo video from last year. 🙂

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I Like Chinese Food

Crap. Now I’m hungry and have a stupid song stuick in my head.

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Love or Money

Love or Money Album Art

Kristian Bush’s first song is in iTunes and I LOVE it.

Kristen is half of the country super group Sugarland and his songwriting abilities are amazing.

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Wishing it was Sunny and 75. Oh, wait. It is.

sunny and 75 album

For some reason the song I’m currently addicted to is Sunny and 75 from Joe Nichols.

The first few times I heard the song I wasn’t to impressed, but then it got stuck in my head and its been there ever since!

Even better yet, its fall in Minnesota which means it’s sunny and 75 out!

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New Daughtry: Waiting For Superman

I don’t watch American Idol anymore, but I did see the season with Chris Daughtry and was disappointing when he didn’t win; however he surely didn’t lose!

Daughtry Waiting For Superman Album Artwork

One of the biggest American Idol success stories is back with his new song Waiting for Superman.

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