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Gorilla Singing Christmas Music

I’m currently listening to Gorilla singing Christmas songs.

Gorilla Christmas Album

It’s not your average Christmas music; its better. I find it quite humorous.

Here’s the promo video from last year. 🙂

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Who wants a high five?


Even though I don’t want sports ball, the look on Tom Brady’s face is amazing.

*high five*

Sorry, it’s kind of a big animated gif, but it’s fun. Might have to click through too as WordPress doesn’t seem to be animating it inline. Or it’s just preloading. Not sure.

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What’s This?! Love this Movie!

Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas FTW!

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GoDaddy buys Media Temple. Now is a good time to check out DigitalOcean.



If you’re unhappy that GoDaddy bought Media Temple and are thinking of switching, check out DigitalOcean. Great servers and low prices makes this host great to work with. Granted, there is no managed solutions, but you can mange your own hosting. I’ve been a customer for a few months now and it just works.

My Review: Saving Money and Manning My Own Server. It’s Easier Than You Think.

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I Like Chinese Food

Crap. Now I’m hungry and have a stupid song stuick in my head.

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Love or Money

Love or Money Album Art

Kristian Bush’s first song is in iTunes and I LOVE it.

Kristen is half of the country super group Sugarland and his songwriting abilities are amazing.

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Pressgram Right Now

Reading Twitter at work. #rightnow

Breaking Bad? Or Breaking Good?

breaking good

I can’t say that I’ve watched the show more than two times, but people seem to be obsessed with it.

Hope it ended well for all of you.

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I suck at going to bed. I should be asleep already but I distract myself with one more thing. Just one more.

I suck at going to bed.

Today is Fancy So I Got Dressed

Fancy Donkey

How do I look?

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